Written by: HuntWise A super wary, elusive, and ever-adaptable predator, coyotes are one of the most pervasive creatures in North America. Coyotes will eat almost anything. They hunt rabbits, rodents, fish, frogs, and most importantly, deer. In the field, coyotes enjoy keen vision and a strong sense of smell. Coyotes can run up to 40 miles an hour. In the fall and winter, they form packs for more effective hunting. In the United States, coyote populations are at an all-time high. This increase gives way to a decrease in deer populations and an increase in diseases such as heartworm, mange,...

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Antlers, AVYD, real tree, shed hunting -

  Tines were sticking up not 30 feet down the trail I was walking. The party had officially started. At a fast clip, I went down the trail and scooped up a big five-point whitetail shed. Holding it in my hands, I looked it over not once, but many times. I studied the beam, the tines, the base, each and every little scratch. I just stood there, reading the shed, trying to see what kinds of stories it could tell me. After calming down, I pressed on. About 50-feet farther down the trail I found the match, and examined it...

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AVYD, Turkey Calls, Turkey Hunting -

1. The Strut BusterThese calls are handmade by Steve Reeves, owner of Supreme Turkey Calls. According to some, Reeves is known as the Michelangelo of turkey calls. The Strut Buster is one of Supreme Turkey Calls top sellers year after year. This call is high-pitched and raspy, created out of a Purpleheart body with a crystal surface and slate back. 2. Wicked Series Friction CallThis whole series of call is made by Zink Calls. What makes these calls truly unique is the core of the design. The Brazilian cherry pan of the call has been impregnated with acrylics, turning the call weatherproof....

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