What does AVYD stand for? (How do you pronounce?) 

AVYD stands for Agile Visual Yardage Designator and is pronounced "avid"...like "I am an avid bow hunter."

How does AVYD work? 


Can AVYD be used with a crossbow? 

Yes. The universal mount works on most crossbow scopes or other mounting points on the crossbow frame.

How do you attach AVYD to a bow or crossbow? 

AVYD comes with a universal mounting clamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqHnOSNRkjE&t=2s

Is AVYD legal to use in my state? 

In states like GA, TN, KY, SC, NC, VA, WV, IN, IL, MN and a few others AVYD is completely legal. In some states like AL, TX, FL and a few others the legality of AVYD is up to the interpretation of the local DNR official. Always check with you local DNR official regarding any bow mounted rangefinder.

How long will the battery last? 

Battery life will ultimately depend on how often you use your unit and how many ranges you take. Most users can expect 1-2 hunting seasons out of the battery before having to replace it.

What type of battery is included? 

A CR2 battery is included with your AVYD unit. These batteries can be purchased at most retail stores (Walmart, Target, etc.)

How much does AVYD weigh? 

In order to keep AVYD from adding alot of additional weight to your rig, we kept the unit to a lightweight 8 total ounces.

Does the mount come with some kind of mounting bracket?

All items necessary to attach the AVYD unit to most bows and crossbows are included in the packaging.  

Does AVYD calculate angle? No. In order to keep AVYD at a price point that most bow hunters wanted we had to forgo angle compensation. 


What is your return policy? 

Free returns within 30 days as long as all components and materials are in a "like new" status.

Does AVYD have a warranty? 

AVYD has a lifetime warranty. If it breaks for any reason, we will replace the unit. 

How would I go about replacing the unit? Who do I contact?

In order to replace your AVYD unit, please email customer service at zach@getavyd.com

Where can I purchase AVYD? 

Currently, AVYD is available on our website. You can learn more about AVYD on our social media channels as well.